Page Creation Fails -- Looking for Reasons Why

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Page Creation Fails -- Looking for Reasons Why

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I am successfully creating a single-page document most of the time.  The document is actually a graph of a family tree -- lots of simple, templated figures with minimal text.

When my application fails, I have no error or exceptions.  The symptom is merely that when opening the document with Adobe Reader, there is nothing visible.  The window is sized according to the content, and I can view the content source using rups, which does not seem to report any error condition.

What I know is that the failure is related to the volume of the output -- more precisely to the size of the page -- but I do not know how to pin down the failure.  A very large page will be more than 12000 pixels wide, by about 1000 pixels high, i.e. I sometimes successfully produce pages in excess of 12 Megabytes in size, but somewhere 'north' of that size, the odds are that the page will go blank.

The only other reliable failure clue is that a good page has a simple parchment gif background upon which the figures and text are drawn.  When the output fails, the page display, as I said, is properly sized to indicate what was written, but the output is plain white. Even the background image disappears when the size threshold, whatever that may be, is exceeded.