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BufferedImage drawing bug

Jan Maslik
i would like to report bug of itext library.
iText has wrong interpretation of drawed image into pdf if image has transparent pixel (argb value = 0 ) . 
Image is correct only in case transparent pixels has values (argb =  0xFFFFFF ).
If i save "my" image into png by ImageIO /ImageMagick/PngEncoder , it shows correctly . 

Pasting my wrapped workarround which fixed the issue in case you dont understand because my english skill.

                               BufferedImage img = ...
                               RgbIterator pixIterator = FastRGB.getIterator(img);

for(int i = 0 ; i < pixIterator.size() ; i++ )
if( pixIterator.isTransparent(i) )
pixIterator.setARGB(i, 0xFFFFFF );


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